Kahuna LED Mask




One and Only LED Mask to comprise 100% NIR light bulbs, emitting the highest density of power in the world.

Why Only NIR?

Did you know that NIR is the only proven LED light to effectively treat your skin problems including, dryness, wrinkles, sagging, acne, redness, and eczema?

Sorry to other colorful LEDs that claims to have a positive effect on your skin and those who suffered from burn injuries from using LED Masks you can readily purchase through on-line.

Please do not be deceived by the comments and reviews done on LED masks with No NIR. Those LED masks not only possibly ineffective for your skin, yet cause eye irritation and dangerously harmful to your eyes.

And Yes there are few LED Masks on the market with NIR, however not a single one with 100% like Kahuna LED Mask. The reason is that manufacturing NIR light bulb requires the high-cost commodity along with the technology, especially double the cost for harnessing high density and power NIR that is used for Kahuna Premium LED Mask for faster and visible effect.

Kahuna Premium LED Mask only uses the most effective NIR with the most up to date technology that enables to emit full density of the light that no other leading brand could nearly come closer to.

OK!! Yes, We use the BEST high quality with high power density Near-Infrared Ray!!

Thousands of words will not be sufficient to the real efficacy of KAHUNA PREMIUM LED MASK V2

Here are the real reviews from the real users for 15 days



Customer1: I have now beautiful skin

Customer2: My acnes are all gone by the 15th day of the usages

Customer3: my face now looks smaller due to the lifting action

Check List for wisely selecting your LED MASK

Does it comprise NIR only?
Is it high power stable NIR light bulb? Power Matters

(There are a lot of LED mask with blinking actions due to the low power and instabilities High power = High efficacy)

No Lithium Battery or Charging method

(Lithium battery releases a tremendous amount of electromagnetic waves that can cause all kinds of adverse effect on all over your body and also has high risk of explosion and less power emission of LED lights and change of battery is inevitable after certain use)

Does it treat your head and skin simultaneously?

(Skin sagging starts from the top of your head)

Can it automatically switch the voltage accordingly by the country?

KAHUNA PREMIUM LED MASK satisfies every category of the above checklists.

Be Wise as Kahuna Beauty and Become yourself

Additional information

Fully Assembled


Features automatic body scan



Face, Head

Features space saving


Rated voltage


Rated frequency

50/60 Hz

Rated power consumption

230W Max





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